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Hill Country Karate Instructor

Nick W. Smith in New Braunfels - Hill Country Karate

Nick W. Smith

Co-Founder Hill Country Karate (1983)

6th Degree Black Belt - World Tiger Crane Goju ryu (2011)

6th Degree Black Belt - American Society of Karate (2005)

6th Dan Black Belt - Superfoot Systems (2005)

1st Degree Black Belt - Cha-yon Ryu Tae Kwon Do (1982)

Lakan Guro (instructor) Pekiti-Tersia Kali (1990)

NAPMA member (1997)

NAPMA Cardio Karate Instructor (1997)

Dog Brothers Martial Arts Instructor (2001)

Kabaroan Eskrima of Filipino Barons Associate Instructor (2001)

CDT(Law Enforcement) Master Instructor (2006)

LRT(Military) Master Instructor (2006)

TFL(Civilian) Master Instructor (2006)

Real Safe/Know & Go/Bullyguard Instructor (2006)

ITC Licensed/Certified Executive Protection Specialist (2007)

Est. ATAC Division (2009)

Silat Suffian Bela Diri (2014)

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