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Roger Haggard in New Braunfels - Hill Country Karate

Roger Haggard

Mr. Haggard joined Hill Country Karate in 1984. He had taken judo classes and played baseball & football throughout his childhood. After graduation from New Braunfels High School, he was looking for a way to challenge himself mentally and physically. He was approached by Ms. Angel Smith while lifting weights at the Landa Park Rec Center. She told him that if he kept lifting weights like he was, and didn't start stretching, he soon wouldn't be able to move at all! She challenged him to come and try the karate class she and Mr. Nick Smith were teaching. He gave it a try and fell in love with martial arts all over again. Mr. Haggard feels very blessed that in 1987, he became the first person to receive a Hill Country Karate black belt from Mr. Smith. 

After many years of teaching martial arts, Mr. Haggard now coaches the HCK Stars Competition Team exclusively. These students travel all over Texas and the United States competing in sport karate tournaments. He has been the head coach of this team since 2015. In 2017, under his direction, and with the help of a wonderful coaching staff, The HCK Stars won the ISKA World Championships at the US Open in Orlando, Florida!

Mr. Haggard is also married to his wife Holly and has 4 children. During the day, he works as a nurse, providing medical care for veterans with catastrophic injuries. 

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