Advanced Tactical & Alternative Combat

The tactical division of H.C.K. Inc. Began in 2004 and offers training that ranges from military and law enforcement to private security specialists and even civilians. ATAC is able to meet the needs of any organization or person needing specialized instruction for very intense situations. The following is just a sample of the many courses that ATAC has to offer.

HCK & ATAC is offering Civilian Defensive Tactics courses to private, semi-private and small groups (up to 8) beginning in the January of 2021.

A. Verbal De-escalation and Threat Assessment combined with Stun & Run techniques in a 6 hr program.    
B.  Edged Weapon Defensive course that teaches instinctive and effective survival against the most common attacks on persons with bladed weapons in an 8 hr program.          
C.  Handgun Defense & Disarms course is 8 hours in length and focuses on skills needed to defend against a close quarter threat with a handgun while a person is empty-handed.  
D.  Defensive Shooting Fundamentals courses are offered in three 8 hour levels from beginner to advanced and are designed to build the skills necessary to defend yourself or others with a handgun. It is both instinct driven and intuitive by design, focusing on what the human body will be capable of in a “Dynamic Critical Incident”. This is a USCCA certified program which includes the USCCA handbook, 3 hour online e-learning course and 8 hours of live-fire training. Cost of these courses is 250.00 dollars per person. Participants are expected to provide their own equipment and 300 to 500 rounds, however training equipment can be rented from ATAC upon request.

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